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CHEVRON CLARITY® PAPER MACHINE OILS ISO 150, 220, 320, 460 are the next generation circulating oils for the pulp and paper industry. Chevron Clarity Paper Machine Oils ISO 150, 220, and 320 are formulated with ISO SYN® base stocks. Their ashless extreme pressure additive packages include rust, oxidation, and foam inhibitors. Their outstanding oxidation stability minimizes deposit formation. These oils have gear oil EP characteristics to minimize wear, and yet do not contain corrosive active sulfur additives. The ashless formulations facilitate reclaiming and recycling of circulating oils.
FUNCTIONS: Chevron Clarity Paper Machine Oils are formulated to meet the critical demands of a circulating oil in a paper machine. This includes not only the paper machine bearings but other equipment associated with the operation such as calender stack bearings and crown control rolls. These systems expose the lubricant to a broad range of operating temperatures which hasten oxidation. The oil is constantly contaminated with water, oxidation byproducts, and other particulates. Chevron Clarity Paper Machine Oils are able to have a long lubricant life in spite of these contaminants and still do an outstanding job of keeping the circulating oil system clean and lubricating the many plain and antifriction bearings associated with this complex high speed equipment.The Chevron Clarity Paper Machine Oil series is recommended for use in all circulating systems of paper machines, including wet-end systems, dryer bearings, and calender stacks. Chevron Clarity Paper Machine Oils have been used successfully in the lubrication of many types of paper machine equipment including Valmet, Beloit, and Voith Sulzer paper machine equipment. In addition, Chevron Clarity Paper Machine Oils exceed the best of the competition in the Pall Filterability Test using low micron filters. Chevron Clarity Paper Machine Oils ISO 150, 220, 320, and 460 may be used as AGMA EP Oils 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, respectively, for back-side gears and enclosed gear drives. Chevron Clarity Paper Machine Oils ISO 220 and 320 may also be used in plain and antifriction bearings.


CHEVRON CLARITY® SAW GUIDE OILS ISO 46, 100, 150 are designed to promote longer saw guide and saw blade life in thin kerf saw equipment, when operating in severe service and reduced cooling water modes. Chevron Clarity Saw Guide Oils are formulated with ISO SYN® base stocks and specially selected ashless additives to reduce friction between saw and guide components in thin kerf saw equipment. The oil’s lubricity performance minimizes rust and corrosion problems, while reducing friction to allow much cooler operation. Chevron Clarity Saw Guide Oils have been formulated with effective rust inhibitors to prevent rust formation. Oiliness and EP properties provide excellent film strength for boundary lubrication and extreme pressure conditions. Chevron Clarity Saw Guide Oils have the optimum emulsification to allow the correct mixing of oil and water and have tackiness properties to enable the lubricants to cling to saw and guide components. Chevron Clarity Saw Guide Oils are specifically formulated to lubricate modern thin kerf sawing systems. Original Equipment Manufacturers and sawmill customers were consulted prior to product design and laboratory testing. Chevron Clarity Saw Guide Oils’ performance properties have been field proven to meet the severe requirements of this application. Chevron Clarity Saw Guide Oils meet or exceed the performance requirements of most saw system manufacturers, including: CAE (Newnes, McGehee), Optimil, Salem, TMT, Ukiah, and USNR (Kockums CanCar, Schurman). Chevron Clarity Saw Guide Oil ISO 46 is recommended for and has been used successfully in band saw mist applications.


CHEVRON PAPER MACHINE OIL PREMIUM ISO 150, 220, 320 are premium performance circulating oils designed for use in the centralized lubrication systems of paper machines, including wet-end systems, dryer bearings, and calender stacks. They are formulated with a specially balanced additive package containing a barium-free detergent/ dispersant, oxidation, antiwear, rust and copper corrosion inhibitors. They have excellent demulsibility properties and provide outstanding filterability critical for use with ultra-fine filters of modern paper machines. Chevron Paper Machine Oil Premium oils are recommended for use in: • Circulating oil systems of paper machines, particularly those equipped with ultra-fine filters, superheated steam, or those susceptible to water contamination. • Suction box pumps, vacuum and white water pumps, agitators, reduction gears, and gear head motors. • Pulp grinders and pulp refiner oil circulation systems. • Gear drive units and pumps in industrial applications. • Plain and antifriction bearings at elevated temperatures.


CHEVRON RED CHAIN BAR OILS ISO 68, 100, 150, 220 are very tacky, tough, lubricants made from special high viscosity base oils having the desired flow and pumpability properties to assure adequate lubrication over a wide range of ambient temperatures. Chevron Red Chain Bar Oils are manufactured to meet the needs of the forest products industry under the most adverse operating conditions. To a logger, chainsaw lubrication is one of the most demanding requirements for efficient chainsaw performance and operation. Chevron Red Chain Bar Oils were designed to meet this demand with economy in mind. There are four grades of Chevron Red Chain Bar Oils to meet any ambient temperature requirements. ISO 68 is recommended for winter conditions when temperatures are consistently below 0°C (32°F). ISO 100 is the ideal grade for cool weather conditions of 0-15°C (32-60°F) to assure a proper flow from either hand operated or automatic chain oilers. ISO 150 is a good choice for all-season use in mild climates and provides excellent wear protection under hot weather operating conditions. ISO 220 is often preferred by forest industry professionals during the summer season due to its outstanding lubricating and film retention properties. The higher viscosity of the ISO 220 grade, in combination with wear protection additives, provides the extra level of protection needed in high performance professional saws. Chevron Red Chain Bar Oils are recommended for use in all types of chain saws using either hand-operated or automatic chain oilers to lubricate the chain, bar, and sprocket. Other possible uses include chain drives on straddle lift lumber carriers and motorcycle chains, as well as lawnmowers and farm equipment.

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