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Safety Tips


Coleman Oil Driver Tip:
"Slow down and don't try to hurry.  Accidents happen when someone is trying to hurry through a delivery or truck loading"
Summer Driving Tips
1.Share the Road with Pedestrians
Pedestrians can be hard to see, especially at night or during bad weather.  Keep a look out and slow down if you can't see.  Stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk, stop far enough back that other divers can also see the pedestrians.
2. Watch for Motorcycles
If you expect to see them you are more likely to notice motorcycles.  Look out for motorcycles especially at intersections and while changing lanes.  Don't follow to close, motorcycles can stop in a shorter distance than your vehicle.
3. Don't be a Distracted Driver
Focus on driving, put away cell phones, don't eat or drink and refrain from any activities that take your eyes or mind off the road.  Read more about distracted driving here.
4.  Don't Drink and Drive
Be responsible, if you drink have a designated driver who does not. 



 Always Buckle Up! The Life You Save Could Be Your Own.

Roadside Kit
Always carry a roadside kit in your car, you never know when you will need it.  Here is a list of handy items to put in your kit.
Cell Phone First Aid Kit 
Flashlight Flairs and a white flag 
Jumper cables Jack 
Work gloves                                   
Basic repair tools and duct tape  
Water and paper towels Nonperishable food 
Extra windshield washer fluid
Extra coolant
Extra Oil
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